Proudly Serving Wilson, NY since 1923

Fire & Rescue
All 3 of our "Big Red Trucks" can pump water; but still fulfill specific needs.

28A8 is our aerial or ladder truck. With a telescopic 75 foot ladder, it can extinguish any fire from above.

28E4 is our main Engine or Pumper truck. It has been first out truck for over 10 years. It sole purpose is "Putting the Wet stuff on the Red stuff".

28E6 is our Rescue truck. It carries our needs for Auto Extrication with the Jaws of Life to Rope rescue gear to Hazmat items.


28R9 is the only Black Ambulance on the Eastern Seaboard
. It is a Paramedic level rig that has 14 EMTs of various skill sets. We operate 24/7 365 and the best part is we are FREE.


Fire Police
The brave soles stand out in the elements keep us safe on scene. They secure landing zones for Mercy Flight. Also control traffic during the 5 different races held in the Village each summer.


Our Boat 28M3 is a 2013 Tri-Hull pontoon boat. It helps us reach Sunset Island in an emergency. Also a working platform to help rescue disabled vessels in Lake Ontario.

What We Offer

Wilson Fire Company #1 has been in business for over 90 years.  From Bucket lines up to Big Red Fire Trucks our mission has remained the same; "to serve the community and rescue those in need." We have grown over the years from just a Fire service to EMS (ambulance) and Marine and Fire Police. At our Field Days in August or Annual Lenten Fish Fry, you can see how our organization has often been the social centerpiece of the Town and Village of Wilson.

About Our Hall