You are only limited by your own desire.

   You decide what your limits are, not us. We will let anyone physically cleared the ability to train for any duty. If you don't feel safe doing it then you won't have to do it. Not everyone can go into burning buildings, treat sick or injuried people, drive vehicles, rescue swim, or do auto extrication.

The fire company can be a jumping off point for County Technical Rescue teams, HazMat units, Fire Investigations.

Did we mention it's Free??

    The services we provide are free to the public because we are Volunteers.

But so is your:   Training .... Gear .... Physicals .... Certifications

So that EMT Training... Free   Firefighting training .... Free    Class to drive fire trucks ... free

Other Benefits to you and your family.

Besides normal workers comp and limited life insurance. FASNY offers scholarships and tuition reimbursement for college.

With 20 years you get a monthly stipend after age 65 years old.

Become a member and help your neighbors!

Proudly Serving Wilson, NY since 1923

We do more than Firefighting.

The vast majority of our calls are actually EMS: Fire Prevention Works!!  We need not only the people who run into burning buildings, but those that hold people's hands when ill or stand on guard preventing more injuries. We have a boat in the water for the summertime and ice rescue in the winter.